A TikTok Trend Is Making Chipotle Employees Lose Their Minds

Chipotle hacks and secret menu items are nothing new. TikTok has even inspired new menu items, and we have our own recipes for copycat Chipotle chicken and corn salsa. But we didn’t see this one coming—massive off-menu Chipotle burritos.

TikTokers have been taking to the platform to showcase their unusual Chipotle orders, which include enormous loaded burritos that are barely wrappable.

@stalliontink posted a TikTok of his order which he called a “quad.” The burrito uses four tortillas, three scoops each of rice and black beans, two scoops of fajita veggies, three ladles of chicken, and two of corn salsa, and then gets finished with salsa and guacamole.


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“That’s it. Good luck,” the user said in the video, as the Chipotle employee tries to wrap the monster into a burrito. “Come on.”

“It’s like all the eyes are on me,” said the employee. Eventually, another Chipotle employee comes over and somehow manages to successfully wrap all the ingredients into a burrito.

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Another user, @djpoint0, posted a TikTok of a massive Chipotle burrito with the caption “The worker is the real mvp in this video.”

“You wanna put it in a bowl?” the someone said as the employee tries rolling the burrito. Another employee comes over and again somehow rolls the mound of ingredients to resemble a burrito.

But just how much are these burritos costing customers? While the videos didn’t include price, another video from @stalliontink of what appears to be three-tortilla burrito includes a receipt for only $10.85, which according to the comments, included a discount. They also posted a video tipping an employee who rolled their burrito, which only seems fair.

Will these viral TikToks be inspiring a new Chipotle menu item soon? We’re going to take a wild guess and say no. Could they inspire people to do more massive burrito hacks? That remains to be seen.

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