Best Long-Distance Running Shoes, According to Fitness Editors

Not sure how to find your next pair of long-distance running shoes? Here are the top things to keep in mind before purchasing anything:


Let’s be honest. No one wants sweaty feet, especially when you’re on mile 10 of 15. Look for running shoes with a breathable upper (knit or regular perforated works). This will help the trapped heat from your feet escape and increase overall comfort.


With long-distance running shoes, durability is key since you’ll be logging lots of miles. And since you’ll want to get maximum performance for the life of your shoe, choosing a durable pair is an especially important consideration. Check out the materials used to make the shoe and the overall construction to determine if a shoe is durable.


Depending on the type of terrain you typically run on, you’ll want to ensure your outsole is prepared for the job. For tail runners, choose a rugged outsole with plenty of traction to help you scale muddy or snowy hills with ease. Even those who typically run long distances on treadmills or pavement will want to ensure their new running shoes have a durable outsole.


If you’re planning to run long distances, you’ll want to ensure your new shoe has adequate support. Unsurprisingly, racking up the miles can put a strain on your feet, ankles, and knees. And if you have a supportive running shoe, it can spread out the impact to make it more tolerable for your joints. Additionally, support (like built-in guide rails) can help keep proper positioning, which keeps your feet from overpronation or supination.

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