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Candace is PUSH511’s April Member of the Month!

Candace started at PUSH almost a year and a half ago and has literally done it all in that time: she has done personal training and nutrition coaching, and is now a fixture in PUSH’s afternoon group CrossFit classes. She’s expecting twins this summer and is still crushing her workouts and growing as an athlete! This is why Candace’s coaches love having her in class:

Candace never fails to crack me up with her humor and sarcasm. Even with 2 little ones growing, she still shows up, gives her all, and occasionally stops mid-workout to ask Andy what snacks he has #eatingfor3

Candace is so fun to have and be in class with! She is down to try anything – like signing up for an individual competition down in Florida and just going with it! She has an open mind to new things but also knows when it’s best to modify. She’s been such a great addition to PUSH!

Candace was such a great addition to PUSH when she first joined! She came into a new city where she didn’t know anyone, had a demanding job at Hopkins where she had to work night shifts, and had some issues with the 1st place she was renting that needed attention. Despite all of that, she still found a way to prioritize her health and wellness. Most people would’ve put that on the back burner, but Candace did the opposite. She jumped feet first into group classes, worked on performing better with some personal training, and dialed in some healthy habits with her nutrition. She even did some internal and external CrossFit competitions in her first year! Not to mention, she’s one of the best members to talk to before, during, and after classes, because of her sense of humor and good attitude. So happy Candace is part of our crew!

Candace is an amazing athlete and has been such an awesome addition to PUSH! Coaching her is always very fun because she is never afraid of a new challenge and keeps a very positive mindset. I’m looking forward to continuing to see her grow as an athlete and am excited for her to become a new (awesome) PUSH mom!

Now, let’s get to know our April Member of the Month!

When did you start CrossFit? I started CrossFit in November of 2021.

What’s your fitness background? I swam competitively for 12 years.

What’s your favorite CrossFit movement? My favorite CrossFit movement is cleans.

What’s your least favorite movement? My least favorite movement is wall balls. They weren’t made for the vertically challenged.

What do you do for work? I am a registered nurse.

Tell us a little about yourself and your family! My family is growing faster than I can keep up with. My boyfriend and I are expecting twin girls in August!

Tell us something we don’t know about you! I’m an artist. I enjoy painting on wood canvases the most.

How has CrossFit affected your life outside of the gym? CrossFit helped me to tap into a confidence that I thought was only reserved for special people; people who weren’t me. PUSH members and coaches taught me that confidence is not only for the top athletes and social elite; it’s for all of us.

What do you enjoy most about PUSH? I enjoy the camaraderie. Everyone roots for everyone, whether victories are large or small. PUSH doesn’t feel like a gym. PUSH feels like a home.

What tips would you offer to someone who is just getting started with working out? Trust the process and remember that it is indeed a process.

What’s your favorite song to work out to? Don’t have one!

What’s your favorite restaurant? Good ‘N Plenty (before it closed)

Who’s your hero (real or fictional)? My mom.

What does your frequently used emoji tab look like?

Words to live by or favorite quote? Don’t sweat the small stuff because in the end it’s all small stuff.

What’s your favorite travel spot? Utah.

I’m really good at Seinfeld trivia. I’m really good at Seinfeld trivia.

What are your top five favorite movies?

  1. Glory Road
  2. Matilda
  3. Snatched
  4. The Visit
  5. The Green Mile

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