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In Union There Is Strength. We are saddened, frustrated, and angered by George Floyd’s death and the events rooted in systemic racism that have led to protests across the country. PUSH is more than a gym; we are a family. We welcome and embrace every person who comes to us for a great workout, a place to meet new friends, or a safe space to escape the stress of daily life. This includes people of all races, backgrounds, ages, religious beliefs, and sexual orientations. We do not tolerate racism or hate of any kind in or around our community. We feel it’s imperative to make our position on this clear so that our members feel safe within our community.


PUSH511 will continue to proactively seek ways to be an inclusive space where everyone is treated with kindness and respect. If there is ever a way that we can do better, we are here to listen.


The world will only change when we change. Take this time to reflect on where you stand and how you can help. Listen to the voices in our community that are directly impacted by these events. Educate yourself on racial oppression in America. And then act. We’ve listed just a few ways to do so below, and we thank the members of our community who have already spoken out and acted against hate.


“Everyone is crying out for peace, yes,
None is crying out for justice.”

Peter Tosh – Equal Rights





Color of Change:

Dream Defenders:


Support black-owned:

Baltimore restaurants:

Maryland businesses:


Read and Discuss:

The 1619 Project:

The New Jim Crow:

Between the World and Me:

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