Christopher Meloni Shared Father-Son Workout Photo With Son Dante

Christopher Meloni officially earned the moniker of “Zaddy” thanks to the effect his muscular physique—and glutes in particular—have on the internet, and it seems pretty clear that he enjoys that title, showing off his splits online like it’s no big deal, teasing fans by saying that he enjoys working out naked, subsequently starring in a nude Peloton ad, and even bragging that he can “catch flies with [his] ass cheeks, like a Venus fly trap.

But in addition to being Zaddy, he’s also the regular kind of dad, as he recently reminded his followers on Instagram.

Meloni, who has played Elliot Stabler in the Law & Order TV franchise since 1999, shared a carousel of images from a recent workout with his son Dante, including a mirror selfie of the two, a screenshot of an incoming FaceTime from his daughter Sophia, and a delicious-looking post-workout cake baked by his wife Sherman Williams.

“Grateful for health,” he wrote in the caption. “Grateful for my family… Grateful for the time I have… Grateful for the people that surround me… Grateful for all the well wishes…. #Gratitude #thegiftsthatmatter.”

Fitness is an integral part of Meloni’s life, and not just because he likes to keep those fly-catching cheeks perky. In his Men’s Health cover story in 2021, he described exercise as having emotional and even spiritual benefits as well as physical, calling it akin to “therapy, church, meditation, and a kind of personal reengagement where the brain and the body get to talk to one another.”

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