‘Home Town’ Fans Rally Around Ben Napier After Seeing His Injury

Ouch, Ben!

The Home Town star is currently dealing with a bad shoulder injury, but at least he has his wife, Erin Napier, and their two daughters to help him out.

We’re not exactly sure what happened to Ben, but we do know it involved a rotator cuff repaired. Erin recently posted a photo of him wearing a shoulder sling while covered in stuffed animals with the caption mentioning the repair, plus a “bone spur shaved off” and “cartilage trimmed.” She also made a note for fans to know Ben has the best nurses in town.

Ben followed up Erin’s post with one of his on. This time, it was a video of his shoulder covered in children’s band-aids that his eldest daughter, Helen, put on him. “The doctor says I have to wear the sling and do therapy for several weeks, but I got a secret weapon,” he said in the video. Erin then explains the band-aids were selected by Helen, before saying with the perfect southern accent, “you’re gonna be fine.”

After learning about Ben’s surgery, fans were quick to leave well wishes for the family. “The best kind of care! Sorry about the injury, I hope it’s a quick recovery so you can get back into the shop,” one said. “You got this Big Ben 👏 praying for you,” said another. “Wishing you a speedy recovery,” someone else said.

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