How Billionaire Richard Branson Eats and Keeps Fit

RICHARD BRANSON is a famed entrepreneur, businessman, and as of 2021, the third oldest person to travel to space. As a man who operates a global brand, it’s important he stays in tip-top shape. So how does the 72-year-old stay feeling his best? We shot a Gym & Fridge video to find out his secrets.

For breakfast he has rolled oats, which he says is similar to porridge in the UK. On the side, he has a fruit salad along with a cup of tea. As for the rest of the day, he tries not to limit himself too much.

“If you work out a lot, I think you do need to have a bit of meat,” he says. But no worries, vegetarians and vegans. Branson also mentions he’s invested in companies making lab-based meat (a possible alternative for anyone who abstains for moral or environmental reasons), and he also sees plant-based alternatives as a decent option. Branson tries to avoid eating beef because of the potential environmental impact. Other than that, he doesn’t have many other restrictions.

For a cheat meal, he goes to a classic UK snack: chocolate digestives. And of course, if you’re talking about digestives, you have to know about how Branson takes his tea. He prefers English Breakfast tea in the mornings, along with a splash of milk. It’s the perfect accompaniment.

Now onto his gym routine. Usually, Branson works out outside on his private island, Necker Island, where he often encounters lemurs during his exercise. But if he’s away from his regular picturesque spot, he works out in a hotel gym with his trainer.

Branson works out every day, but likes to keep things interesting with all sorts of activities. Kite surfing, singles tennis in the morning and the evening, and biking. “I just want to be sure that when I’m 150, my body still looks as good as it is today,” he jokes.

Working out enables Branson to stay active longer throughout the day so he can focus on what’s important to him. He considers kite surfing both a physical activity and a mental one. “It’s just the most beautiful sport there is,” he says.

For more on Sir Richard Branson’s diet and exercise routine, check out our video.

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