Is Your Curved Penis Normal? A Urologist Explains.

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Dr. Rena Malik is a urologist, pelvic surgeon, and sex educator who regularly creates content on YouTube designed to bust myths and misinformation surrounding sexual health and urological issues, and share the facts that everyone should know when it comes to having a healthy sex life, from how the clitoris works to what exactly “blue balls” are, anyway.

In a recent video, Malik addresses penises which have a curve to them, and delves into research as to how common this phenomenon might be.

She notes that in studies where men self-recorded, 87 percent of penises were believed to be straight, and 13 percent curved to the side, “much more often to the left than the right.”


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However, in photographs where penises were observed from the side, it was found that curves are more common than previously thought: 70 percent were straight, 25 percent were curved upwards, while only 5 percent were curved downwards.

“A lot of people have some curvature to their penis, and that’s not a problem,” says Malik. “In fact, as long as you’re having normal intercourse and you’re having pleasure and you’re partner is having pleasure, it’s not a problem at all.”

She adds that if the shape of your penis is becoming an issue, or if you are noticing a distinct change, theb you may have something called Peyronie’s disease—a condition relating to the curvature of the penis which can make it difficult, uncomfortable, painful, or even impossible to have sexual intercourse. If this is the case, you should consult with your doctor.

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