Maluma Showed Off His Lean Physique in a Shirtless Thirst Trap

Colombian singer Maluma can be relied on for a couple of things: releasing bangers and posting thirst traps on main. The musician has been really feeling his oats while on vacation lately: after sharing some risqué nude pool photos which showed off his lean, ripped physique and copious tattoos, he has done it again this week, posting a pair of near-nude post-shower selfies in which he is wearing just a towel.

“Mañanero,” he wrote in the caption, which translates to “Morning.” Peak thirst trap captioning game right there: when the pics are that fire, there’s no need to overthink it. You can keep things simple because let’s be honest people won’t be reading.

Looking great, though, is only one aspect of why fitness is such an important part of Maluma’s daily routine. Staying in shape and being consistent in his habits are hugely beneficial to his mental health and overall wellbeing, he told Men’s Health in 2019.

“Fitness goals? Being happy. If you have a right mentality and a right way of thinking, everything is gonna go right,” he said. “I love meditating. I think that’s a big part of my career. Just being focussed and concentrated. And being grateful. For me, that’s the most important thing ever.”

His athleticism and love of exercise, however, actually predates his musical aspirations: his initial goal in life was to play soccer professionally before an injury put paid to that dream. Still. He seems to be doing OK, considering.

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