The 9 Best Apple Watch Cases in 2023, According to Gear Experts

Watch cases are pretty straightforward accessories, and Apple Watch cases are no different. Still, if you’re looking to protect your flashy new Apple accessory, you want a case that looks great, feels good on your wrist, and doesn’t cost a fortune. Whatever type of Apple Watch case you’re shopping for, here are the most common things to look for:


The level of protection you need depends on your lifestyle. If you’re an urban dweller who rarely ventures far outside the city, almost any basic case will do. If, however, you lead a more active lifestyle, you’ll want a bumper-style Apple Watch case that properly protects the edges and buttons. A glass screen protector or a pull-over strap will add even more protection. If you’re a surfer, diver, or someone who likes their adventures wet, you may want to consider a waterproof case like those from Catalyst.


In our experience, you can trust the size compatibility of most manufacturer’s cases. But, even if a particular case technically fits your model of Apple Watch, it may still interfere with button operation or wireless charging. Those with built-in plastic or glass screen protectors can also affect touchscreen use. The only way to know for sure is to check other buyer’s reviews and always buy from a company that offers a generous return policy in the event that your new case doesn’t work for you.


If you’ve already dropped several hundred dollars on a new Apple Watch, the price of an aftermarket case probably isn’t an issue. Solid budget and mid-range cases are available for under $30, and even the most premium mil-spec waterproof watch case is likely to run less than $80.

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