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MOST CITIES across the U.S. are experiencing warm spring weather for the first time in what feels like forever, and as the traces of winter leave, it’s time to start hitting the trails again. And whether you’re gearing up for a walk in the park or a marathon in the mountains, it’s important to invest in new shoes and outdoor gear that function well regardless of terrain and weather.

That’s where On Running‘s April sale comes into play. The brand is at the helm of some of our all-time favorite sneakers, from the Cloudmonsters that made our list of “Best Cushioned Running Shoes” to the “Best Running Shoe For Trail Running” Cloudultra.


Don’t just take our word for it, though. On Running’s Cloudflow, specifically, has been called an “awesome choice for nurses (and other healthcare professionals)” because of the shoes’ ability to support feet and ankles during long shifts.

Best On Running Shoe for Road Racing


On Running Cloudstratus

Now 40% Off

Best Lightweight On Running Shoe


On Running Cloudflow

Now 40% Off


On Running Cloudflyer

Now 30% Off

Cloud X Shift

On Running Cloud X Shift

Now 31% Off

Cloudsurfer 6

On Running Cloudsurfer 6

Now 30% Off

Performance Long-T

On Running Performance Long-T

Now 50% Off

Weather Jacket

On Running Weather Jacket

Now 40% Off


On Running Tank-T

Now 40% Off

High Sock

On Running High Sock

Now 41% Off

Try the top-rated On Running Swiss-engineered cushioning for yourself now that the popular sneakers and workout clothing are marked down as much as 50 percent. You can grab a new Ultralight Weather Jacket for 40 percent off to protect you during rainy spring runs or sleek pants for cold-weather runs, which are reduced by 40 percent, too.

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Spice up your sneaker collection with 20-percent-off Tennis Court Sliders that you can wear for sport or leisure and 40-percent-reduced Travel Sneakers that are ideal for long days of walking around big cities. Waterproof hiking boots, the Cloudrocks, are currently marked down by 30 percent.

When it comes to running shoes (the titular role, of course), you can get the Cloudsurfers, made for 5K to half marathon distances, for 30 percent off. Shoes crafted for fast runs up to 10K in distance, called the Cloudflashes, are also 30 percent off this month. Ultimately, you can’t go wrong with any picks from this beloved running brand—the only mistake would be risking injury with old running shoes that are way past their prime.


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