‘Yellowstone’ Star Kevin Costner Was In His Feelings at Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour

It’s been a cruel summer for Kevin Costner. After the high of winning a Golden Globe for his performance on Yellowstone, he reportedly feuded with creator Taylor Sheridan—leading to a total production shutdown. Meanwhile, Warner Bros. delayed the release of his upcoming film, Horizon. Now, Costner is in the midst of an ugly divorce with his wife of 19 years. Ouch. So, the actor decided to do what anyone does when they’re in they’re in their feels: Go to Taylor Swift‘s Eras Tour.

TMZ caught a photo of the Yellowstone star at the SoFi Stadium concert in Inglewood, Ca., smiling with his 13-year-old daughter as the singer performed “We Are Never Getting Back Together.” Naturally, the news outlet captioned the photo: “Kevin Costner Grins at Taylor Swift Concert… During Breakup Anthem!” I’m clutching my pearls. Grinning during a breakup anthem? I guess you’re supposed to frown when you hear that song.

“I had an amazing time with my daughter at the @taylorswift show,” the actor later wrote on Instagram. “I was absolutely blown away watching her art bring so many people together. I had a great view of her band and had a blast watching them, too. An inspiring night.” The Yellowstone actor also captioned the photos with a resounding announcement: I’m officially a Swiftie!” By the way, Costner’s response to Swift’s Eras Tour is much better than when he went backstage during Madonna’s 1991 Truth or Dare documentary. At the time, he told the pop megastar that her show was “neat.” Neat!

Meanwhile, tabloids haven’t painted Costner particularly well during his divorce. He reportedly kicked his wife Christine Baumgartner out of their house—and is haggling with lawyers over child support. According to a source close to People, Baumgartner asked for a divorce after she became increasingly unhappy with his demanding work schedule, which kept him away from his family. Possibly, this tension could have been the reason he asked for less time on the Yellowstone set—even though he was also filming Horizon. Costner also told Deadline that he mortgaged 10 acres of his property just to fund the film so… take from that what you will.

Sadly, I don’t know how to fix all that. But! I now have a perfect solution for Yellowstone. If Costner can get Taylor Swift to play one of her old country tracks at a Dutton family cookout for Yellowstone‘s series finale, I’m sure those ratings would put whatever feud he has with Taylor Sheridan aside. I’m open to suggestions, but “White Horse” would be perfect.

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