7 Best Trail Running Shoes for Conquering Tough Terrains in 2024

Are you prepared to tackle the unpredictable and challenging trails that await you in 2023? As a dedicated trail runner, you know that the right pair of shoes can make the difference between a good run and a great one.

This year’s lineup of trail running shoes is designed to cater to a variety of preferences and needs, from aggressive tread patterns for slippery surfaces to reinforced uppers for durability in rugged conditions.

The seven standout models we’ve identified offer the latest in trail technology and comfort, but choosing the perfect shoe isn’t just about the specs—it’s about how they align with your personal running style and the terrains you’ll face.

Stay tuned as we explore each option, breaking down their strengths and how they might just elevate your trail experience to new heights.

Saucony Mens Peregrine 12 Trail Running Shoe


For trail runners seeking a lightweight yet protective shoe, the Saucony Mens Peregrine 12 offers improved traction and comfort tailored for narrow feet.

It’s designed to be tight but not constrict around the midfoot, providing a secure fit without causing discomfort. You’ll find plenty of room for your toes to wiggle without giving that awkward ‘duck feet’ look, and the heel design eliminates slippage.

Right out of the box, the Peregrine 12 is well-constructed and ready for action, with materials that withstand heavy rain and a small hot spot under the ankle bone that’ll soften with wear. You’ll appreciate the grippy soles that ensure stability on rocky terrains and just the right amount of padding to keep you comfortable without weighing you down.

Best For: Trail runners with narrow feet looking for a lightweight, agile shoe that provides stability and comfort on rugged terrain.


  • Excellent traction with grippy soles suitable for rocky surfaces.
  • Comfortable fit with ample room for toes and no heel slippage.
  • Durable construction that performs well even in heavy rain.


  • May be too small for some, with a toe box narrower than previous models.

Salomon Mens Speedcross 5 Trail Running Shoes


If you’re tackling rugged trails, the Salomon Men’s Speedcross 5 Trail Running Shoes offer exceptional grip and durability to match your adventurous spirit. These shoes are a game-changer with a dynamic upper and stability features that enhance your trail running experience. You won’t have to fret about tightening laces, thanks to the quick lace system, which also includes a handy pocket in the tongue to tuck them away.

You’ll appreciate the traction and stability, especially in muddy or rocky conditions. Although the fit is narrow, it ensures stability, which is crucial on uneven terrain. While the insoles are comfy, keep in mind they might curl up when wet. Despite that, you’re set for about 400-600 miles of trail adventure before needing a replacement. Just remember, they’re not the best pick for pavement, but for trails, they’re top-notch.

Best For: Trail runners seeking a shoe with excellent grip and durability, and those who appreciate a quick lace system and a shoe that performs well on soft and muddy trails.


  • Outstanding grip and stability on various trail surfaces.
  • Durable construction suitable for 400-600 miles of trail running.
  • Quick lace system for convenience and a snug, comfortable fit.


  • Narrow fit may not be suitable for individuals with wide feet.

New Balance Mens Fresh Foam Garoe V1 Trail Running Shoe


Trail enthusiasts seeking comfort and durability on rugged paths will find the New Balance Mens Fresh Foam Garoe V1 Trail Running Shoe a perfect fit. You’ll appreciate the lightweight, cushioned Fresh Foam midsole that delivers comfort with each step, while the AT Tread outsole ensures you’ve got traction for all your adventures. The sleek and supportive upper not only looks great but feels fantastic, thanks to breathable materials that keep your feet cool even on the longest trails.

You’ll find they fit true to size with an easy adjustment lacing system, making them ideal for long walks or extended wear. Customers like you love the style and comfort, often recommending them for their versatility and reliability. So, lace up a pair and you’re ready to tackle any trail with confidence.

Best For: Runners and outdoor enthusiasts seeking a comfortable, durable, and stylish trail running shoe for diverse terrains.


  • Exceptional comfort with Fresh Foam cushioning and breathable materials.
  • Versatile AT Tread outsole provides reliable traction on various surfaces.
  • True to size with an effective lacing system for a secure fit.


  • Some users may experience sizing issues, necessitating exchanges.

Saucony Womens Peregrine 12 Trail Running Shoe


Designed to conquer rugged landscapes, the Saucony Womens Peregrine 12 Trail Running Shoe offers you exceptional traction and protection on your most challenging runs. Inspired by the swift Peregrine bird, these shoes are crafted to be incredibly light and agile. You’ll appreciate the super cute colors and the true-to-size fit, along with the well-stitched, comfortable upper and snug heel cup, ensuring a secure stride.

With a rock plate for underfoot protection and a good grip sole, you’re set to tackle diverse terrains confidently. Even on long, 12-hour shifts, these shoes prove to be comfortable, with arch support and a spacious toe box. However, be mindful of the slight cushion at the back of the heel, which could cause rubbing for some. Saucony’s commitment to trail running shines through in the Peregrine 12, offering a balance of lightweight comfort and durable performance.

Best For: Outdoor enthusiasts seeking a light and agile trail running shoe that offers a combination of good traction, protection, and style.


  • True to size with a spacious toe box and snug heel cup for a secure fit.
  • Features a rock plate for underfoot protection and a good grip sole for diverse terrains.
  • Comfortable for extended wear, providing arch support and breathability.


  • Slight cushion on the back of the heel may cause rubbing and discomfort.

New Balance Mens DynaSoft Nitrel V5 Trail Running Shoe


For runners seeking cushioned comfort on rugged paths, the New Balance Mens DynaSoft Nitrel V5 Trail Running Shoe features an engineered mesh upper and plush DynaSoft midsole. The AT Tread outsole delivers reliable traction, essential for unpredictable terrains. Customers rave about the comfort, perfect fit—even for those needing a size 15—and the shoe’s ability to endure a solid 10-mile trail run without flinching.

You’ll appreciate the durability and the striking color combinations that catch the eye. However, do note that sizing can be tricky; some have found they need to go up a half size or more for the best fit. Lightweight and supportive, these shoes are recommended not just for trail running but also for walking and even for referees on the lacrosse field. And if you’re often searching for a shoe that feels just right, the consensus suggests giving these a try—just consider ordering a size up to ensure maximum comfort.

Best For: Runners and outdoor enthusiasts looking for a shoe that offers comfort, traction, and durability on the trails, as well as a good fit for larger sizes.


  • Comfortable engineered mesh upper and plush DynaSoft midsole cater to extended wear.
  • AT Tread outsole provides reliable traction on varied terrain, suitable for trail running and outdoor activities.
  • Positive feedback on fit and durability, even for larger shoe sizes, with a spacious toe box area.


  • Sizing can be inconsistent, with some customers needing to size up for an optimal fit.

ASICS Mens Gel-Venture 9 Shoes


If you’ve got wide feet and high insteps, the ASICS Men’s Gel-Venture 9 with its X-Wide size option might just be your ideal trail running companion for rugged terrains. The improved cushioning, thanks to AMPLIFOAM and rearfoot GEL technology, ensures a softer landing and comfortable feel. The advanced traction pattern on the outsole grips both road and trail surfaces, empowering you to tackle diverse environments.

You’ll appreciate the perfect fit and comfort these running shoes offer, along with their accommodating extra wide options. They’re not just comfortable; they’re also robust and versatile, striking a balance between durability and affordability. Users rave about the perfect fit and lasting comfort, making the Gel-Venture 9 a favorite for its price point. True to size and built to last, these shoes are ready for your next off-road adventure or urban jog.

Best For: Runners with wide feet and high insteps looking for a durable, comfortable, and versatile trail running shoe at an affordable price.


  • Enhanced cushioning with AMPLIFOAM and rearfoot GEL technology for superior comfort.
  • Extra wide sizing options accommodate a variety of foot shapes.
  • The rugged outsole offers excellent traction on a variety of surfaces, ensuring reliable performance.


  • ASICS sizing can be inconsistent, which may lead to confusion when ordering.

adidas Mens Terrex Ax4


When tackling rugged trails, you’ll appreciate the adidas Men’s Terrex Ax4 for its comfortable fit and exceptional traction. Its true-to-size fit caters to most, though if you’ve got wide feet, the narrow toe box might be a snug. You’ll find the firm sole and heel offer the support you need when the path gets tough.

While some users rave about its comfort and durability, others aren’t as impressed, noting a lack of padding and discomfort. On the durability front, a few have reported premature wear, like holes in the heel, leading to mixed reviews about the shoe’s quality. However, when it comes to value, many feel the price is justified, especially when snagged on sale.

As for getting your hands—or feet—on them, expect prompt delivery and proper packaging, but consider sizing up if you’re worried about a tight fit.

Best For: Outdoor enthusiasts needing a shoe with good traction and support for trail hiking but with a standard width fit.


  • Comfortable fit for most foot types, true to size.
  • Excellent traction for rugged trail conditions.
  • Reported good value, especially when found on sale.


  • Narrow toe box may not suit those with wide feet.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Trail Running Shoes

When you’re on the hunt for the perfect trail running shoes, it’s crucial to consider several key factors.

You’ll need shoes that offer robust traction and stability to tackle unpredictable surfaces, while also ensuring they’re comfortable and fit well to prevent blisters and discomfort.

Durability, weather resistance, and the right balance of support and cushioning will also play a pivotal role in your trail adventures.

Traction and Stability

While selecting trail running shoes, it’s essential to prioritize traction and stability to ensure your feet have a secure grip and support on uneven terrain. Look for shoes boasting rugged outsoles with aggressive lug patterns; they’re your best bet for tackling mud, rocks, and roots confidently.

A pliant sole brings the flexibility you need for running, while a narrower fit can up your stability game. However, if you’ve got wider feet, you may need to search for a more suitable option.

Don’t overlook toe guards and quick lace systems, as they add to your stability and security, especially when you’re powering up hills or navigating tricky sections.

Comfort and Fit

Having covered the importance of traction and stability, let’s now focus on the equally vital aspects of comfort and fit when choosing your trail running shoes. You’ll want shoes that offer ample cushioning and arch support, ensuring your toes have enough room to spread out and prevent discomfort. A snug fit is key to avoid slippage, but you also need to consider the width of the shoe to suit your foot shape perfectly.

Look for breathable materials, and think about your specific needs, like high insteps or wider feet, to guarantee a comfy fit throughout your long runs. Always pay attention to reviews for insights into how the shoes might fit you and any comfort issues others have faced.

Durability and Wear

As you scout for the ideal trail running shoes, it’s crucial to weigh the durability and wear factors, which hinge on the materials and construction quality.

The terrain you’ll tackle dictates the level of durability you’ll need. Shoes crafted for rocky paths should have reinforced areas, like toe guards and robust heel support, to withstand the rigors of the trail.

You can’t overlook the outsole and tread pattern—these should be designed to handle wear and provide traction over time. Don’t just take the manufacturer’s word for it; look for user feedback and expert reviews that testify to the shoe’s lasting power.

A well-built pair can mean the difference between a season of successful runs and a premature shopping trip for replacements.

Weather and Terrain

Beyond considering the durability of your trail running shoes, it’s essential to account for the specific weather and terrain conditions you’ll face to ensure optimal performance and safety. If you’re hitting muddy trails, your shoes must provide excellent traction to prevent slips. When navigating rocky paths, look for footwear that offers stability and support to keep your ankles secure.

In addition to durability, breathability is a key factor, especially in hot or wet climates, helping to keep your feet comfortable and dry. Always choose shoes designed for the challenges of your running environment.

This strategic selection means the difference between a great run and a potential injury. Remember, the right trail running shoes are your first line of defense against the elements.

Support and Cushioning

When selecting trail running shoes, it’s crucial to assess the level of support and cushioning they offer to tackle the rigors of uneven terrain effectively. The midsole should provide enough support to keep you stable on unpredictable ground, while cushioning in the heel and forefoot is essential for absorbing shock. This helps reduce fatigue, allowing you to run longer distances comfortably.

Consider your personal preference and the trail’s demands before making a choice. Do you need extra cushioning for rocky paths or more support for steep inclines? Your shoes should balance firmness with responsiveness, enabling support that doesn’t hinder your natural movement.

Don’t forget to factor in your foot arch and pronation patterns to find a shoe that ensures a comfortable, injury-free running experience.


You’ve seen the top trail runners of 2023, now pick the perfect pair for your adventures!

Consider grip, comfort, and durability to conquer any terrain. Whether you’re scaling peaks with the Peregrine 12 or tearing through trails with the Speedcross 5, you’re set for success.

Don’t forget to match your choice with your running style and the trails you’ll tackle. Lace up, hit the trails, and let your new running shoes take you to new heights!

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