The Adidas App Will Add an International Football Hub Ahead of the 2024 Euros

With this summer’s UEFA European Championship tournament almost within kicking distance, Adidas are making sure that fans are ready for all the action by releasing a new International Football Hub feature to accompany its kit.

Adidas are one of the biggest sponsors of international football, and support twelve national teams. That’s Argentina, Belgium, Columbia, Chile, Germany, Italy, Jamaica, Japan, Mexico, Spain, Sweden, and Peru (for those for those taking note!) Ahead of the 2024 UEFA European Championship tournament, to be hosted in Germany, the sports apparel brand will add a football hub to its main app. “Experience the best of international football,” says the company that was first launched in 1949. “and get closer to the tournament’s frenzy than ever before.”

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How to download the Adidas International Football Hub

The hub will be added to the main Adidas App, and will include matchday essential news and statistics, along with exclusive giveaways and the chance to win “one-of-a-kind fan experiences,” say Adidas. That means anyone with the existing Adidas app will be able to receive the new content when it is released in the coming weeks. And, if we’ve whetted your appetite for some Euro’s based facts, here’s a few to kick you off:

  • 2024 host nation, Germany have won the most titles (3)
  • Christiano Ronaldo has played the most Euros tournament games (69)
  • Spain have won the most matches (118)
  • Malta have lost the most matches (102)
  • Albania has received the highest number of red cards (14)
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In the meantime, you can support your team by making sure you’ve purchased the latest kit. The app also offers a cool visual search feature, so if you see a pair of sneakers that you like, upload an image and it will match you to the same or similar products. To download the Adidas app, scan the QR code or go here!


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