10 Questions with Ms. Physique Olympia Natalia Abraham Coelho

Natalia Abraham Coelho is preparing for her first title defense as Women’s Physique Olympia champion on Nov. 3-4 in Orlando, FL at the 2023 Olympia Weekend. Coelho is not only one of the most popular women in her division, but she may be among the most popular athletes in the entire IFBB Pro League. Her success speaks for itself. Outside of her one Olympia title, she has two Arnold wins, two New York Pro titles, and she’s won the Pittsburgh Pro twice. Whether she is onstage, in the gym, or doing interviews, her fans are following her moves on social media, cheering her on in the comments, and even sporting her shirts and merchandise at events.

Her supporters always ask her questions to get to know her as well. We saved those fans some time and effort by sitting down with the champion in our latest “10 Questions With…” column. As you may find out, she’s successful in bodybuilding for a reason.

Natalia Coelho Women Physique 2022 Olympia Winner
Wings of Strength

If you could sit and watch any TV series or movie, what would you watch?

I honestly don’t watch TV at all. I do, however, watch and listen to a lot of podcasts. Most of the podcasts I watch are educational or with the purpose of learning something that can make me a better athlete, bodybuilding ambassador, person, or human being. I love to understand how the human body works, from how our neurons interact with each other to how our gut neurotransmitters communicate and can control our feelings, thoughts, and emotions. All the bodybuilding podcasts that I watch religiously keep me up to date on everything that is happening in our industry.

But if I would sit and watch something, it would be Arnold Schwarzenegger movies, Lou Ferrigno: the Incredible Hulk and of course I am a big fan of Wonder Woman.

Got a favorite protein shake recipe or quick meal that you go to?

I always take my time and prepare my food in advance. That’s the key to success right there. I used to create all different recipes with the foods that were in my diet plan, but not anymore. To be honest, I don’t really care about the taste of foods anymore, and just eat for fuel. I keep it simple and eat clean and plain foods.

What is the first meal you have following a contest?

I stay healthy even after the contest is over. I have two big, dry, plain baked potatoes and a lean steak. No dessert.

What were your favorite sports as a kid?

I absolutely love sports! I grew up in Brazil and used to play so many sports, I was a very active kid. My favorite was soccer, ballet, Muay Thai and my true love, weight training.

If you weren’t a bodybuilder, what would you be doing for a living?

Something in the health/holistic field. I have my Sports Nutrition degree, my bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology and Sports & Exercise Science, my Diploma in Gut Health, Personal Trainer credentials, aside from the certificates in health-related subjects. So, with all that being said, you can tell how much I love learning and educating myself about the incredible machine that the human body is. Education is close to my heart. My living is educating people on preventative ways of keeping their bodies, healthy and strong. And being a professional athlete is perfect so I can apply all my knowledge to improve my health in all aspects.

Favorite athletes outside of your division, past or present?

I look up to so many athletes. Arnold Schwarzenegger, Ronnie Coleman, Lenda Murray, Jay Cutler are some of my favorite legends. I can’t not mention how much I admire Dennis James, Wolf, Dorian Yates, Kevin Levrone, Phil Heath. Honestly, the list is too long! I am a true fan of our sport and admire and respect these athletes so much.

If you don’t already own your dream car, what would your dream car be if you have one?

I am not too big in material things, but I would rather have a dream gym!! As long as the car is clean and nice, and takes me to where I need to go, I am OK!

If you didn’t compete in Women’s Physique, what division do you think you would be in?

Well, I started competing as a Figure athlete. I believe I would still be Figure or possibly transitioned into Wellness a as I have the Brazilian genetics and love their look. But, Women’s Physique is where my heart is, and I don’t plan on going anywhere else as of now!

What hobbies do you have outside of bodybuilding that your fans may not know about?

My fans know everything about me, and I turned my favorite hobby (bodybuilding) into my career.

If there was a private plane ready to take you anywhere in the world that you wanted, where would you go?

Brazil without thinking twice!! I would go home to Brazil to visit my family, or I would send that jet to Brazil to bring my family and friends over here. Family is everything! And by saying that, I include my closest friends as part of what I consider “family” to be too!

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