11 Best Golf Bags in 2023, Reviewed by Gear Experts

There are a few characteristics to look for when buying a golf bag, the main ones to consider have to do with how often you play, as well as the quality and quantity of the clubs you play with.

Cart Bag vs. Stand Bag

Golf bags essentially fall into two categories: cart bags and stand bags. A cart bag is meant for cart use, which means they’re designed for carrying on a golf cart or on a roller cart when walking the course. Cart bags are usually larger and contain more organizational space. The downside is they’re heavier and, hence the name, you need to rent a cart (or prepare for some serious energy exertion when carrying around a course).

A stand bag is meant for carrying. They typically have better strap designs (double straps) and are more lightweight. They also have a kickstand for keeping the bag upright when setting the bag down to pull out your clubs. The downside to a stand bag is less club space (the bag has to accommodate a kickstand placement) and less pocket space.

Number of Dividers

The number of dividers on your golf bag depends on how many clubs you like to play with. If you play with a full set of 14 clubs (what the pros typically do), then a 14-way divider is the best way to organize them all. If you play with anything less, then you can get away with a smaller number of dividers.

A common set for golfers is 12 clubs total: a driver plus two woods, seven irons, a pitching wedge, and a putter. But some people golf with fewer clubs than 12 clubs even. From that 12-club standard set, a golfer might remove a wood (like a 5-wood), as well as a couple of irons they don’t commonly use. Don’t treat the statements we make on divider numbers as absolutes though, as you can get away with storing more clubs in a lower number of dividers; just be aware you might sacrifice some organization while doing it though.

Waterproof Features

It’s worth mentioning waterproofing because this feature can raise or lower the overall price of a golf bag. If you’re golfing a lot or have an expensive set of clubs, then it’s probably worth investing in a waterproof bag. Some waterproof bags are better than others, with seam-taped zippers and waterproof pockets. Other bags usually just have water-resistant shells.

If you aren’t golfing a lot or if you have a more inexpensive club set, then waterproof features might not be that important. You can save a lot of money by opting for a golf bag that’s not fully waterproof, then if you’re caught in the rain while playing you can simply put a plastic poncho over your clubs or buy some sort of rain hood to help protect the clubs.

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