11 Best Hair Brushes for Men 2023, Reviewed by Grooming Experts

For fine or thin hair, hair brushes with tighter bristles are better since they can easily smoothen and detangle; for thick hair, opt for hair brushes with bristles that are farther apart because they can better detangle and run through the hair without damaging it.

The hair bristles on hair brushes are often made naturally or synthetically. Natural bristles typically come from the hair of boars; they can distribute your hair’s natural scalp oils evenly and give it a natural shine, and sometimes even increase blood flow by stimulating your scalp. And because these bristles are very close together, they’re great for fine or thin hair.

On the other hand, synthetic bristles are often made in nylon and are often more spaced out, meaning they’re better for thick, coarse hair. Nylon bristle hair brushes can glide through pretty much any hair texture, making them versatile for styling and excellent at detangling.

For styling your hair, dense, boar bristle hair brushes are considered better for holding and setting hair for curls or your preferred hairstyle. Other than that, some hair brushes are meant for styling long hair versus short hair. Be mindful of that before you buy.

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