11 Best Patagonia Jackets of 2023, Reviewed by Gear Experts

When it comes to responsibly producing eco-friendly garments that stand the test of time, Patagonia is pretty much in a league of its own. This is to say you can’t go wrong with buying any Patagonia jacket, however, you can better find the best Patagonia jacket for you by honing in on a few key characteristics when shopping.

Waterproof Capability

Most Patagonia jackets are suitable for at least battling through light rain, but if you want a jacket that’s water-repellant it’s best to veer from any of the fleece jackets. The Patagonia jackets made with recycled nylon and Gore-Tex are the best at batting away moisture, with the Triolet Jacket being the best pure rain jacket you can buy.


Patagonia lists the weight of each jacket it offers. You can compare jacket weights to determine things like which jacket is more travel-friendly than another, as well as which jacket might provide the most warmth for snowy weather. In terms of weight, the Houdini Jacket (3.7 oz) is by far Patagonia’s lightest jacket, and the Iron Forge Ranch Jacket (51.9 oz) is probably the heaviest due to its abrasion-resistant materials.


Most Patagonia jackets allow for easy layering. Depending on how you like to layer, you can throw on anything from a thin hoodie to a crewneck sweatshirt under your jacket and double up on warmth. Or you can grab a thin layered Patagonia jacket (like the R1 Air) and throw on a top-layer.

The only two Patagonia jackets that are probably not the most layer friendly are the Sweater Fleece Jacket and the Synchilla Snap-T Pullover, as they have a more form-fitting cut and wear more comfortably with just a t-shirt, a polo, or a long-sleeve shirt underneath.

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