11 Best Pickleball Shirts to Buy in 2023, Tested by Active Guys

Finding the best pickleball shirt is no different than finding the best workout or performance top. Ideally, you want something lightweight, quick-wicking, affordable, good-looking, and synthetic (because cotton is no bueno when sweat is involved). Here’s what to look for:


Synthetics, usually polyester, are a near-perfect material for activewear. They tick all the boxes for a good performance fabric: lightweight, dries quickly, fends off odor, and is typically very affordable. The best polyester pickleball shirts are also buttery soft too.


Moisture-wicking fabric is key, especially if you like your pickleball games intense, working up a serious sweat. Again, synthetic fabrics like polyester are best, but Merino wool works well too. Just stay away from cotton. Once it gets wet, it stays wet, sometimes for days. And no one likes playing a round of pickle in a sweat-soaked shirt.


Good moisture-wicking fabric is usually, though not always, odor-resistant too. If you pickleball hard, consider investing in a shirt that’s either naturally odor-fighting or one with a treatment that helps fend off stink. The last thing you want to force you to cut your marathon pickleball session short is because you can’t stand your own funk anymore.


There are thousands of performance (and pickleball-friendly) shirts on the market these days. That makes for lots of competition and great prices too. So, you don’t have to spend a fortune to find a good pickleball shirt. You’ll find decent budget options (like those on our list above) for under $20, while more premium shirts, including long-sleeve shirts and polos might run closer to $70.

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