19 Best Body Washes for Men 2023

Old Spice has been around now for decades, and for good reason. Our testers love that the cleaning power of this body wash is top-notch,. In our extensive review of Old Spice’s Gentleman’s Blend, we found that it contains twice the amount of moisturizer as comparable soaps, and left our skin cleansed without feeling tight and over-stripped.“ It’s preventing moisture loss, but also adding more to help the barrier trap hydration even better,” said dermatologist Corey L. Hartman, MD. Plus, it has no irritating parabens or dyes, and our testers with sensitive skin conditions like eczema found that it didn’t irritate their skin, which is rare for a lot of drugstore body washes we’ve tried.

Beyond its cleaning capabilities, Old Spice’s Gentlemen’s Blend smells amazing, too. Its new lavender formula gives it a fresh scent and our testers found the smell especially relaxing. “The scent is fresh when using it, but doesn’t linger on skin, which is ideal for irritation-prone types,” said. one tester.

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