2023 Mr. Olympia Callouts Brought Some Unexptected Results!

We’re live at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando covering the 2023 Olympia and of course the 2023 Mr. Olympia callouts, the contest everyone has their eyes on, men’s open division for the Mr. Olympia title.

There are two Mr. Olympia winners in the field this year: defending champion Hadi Choopan, who won his first title in 2022, and 2019 Mr. O Brandon Curry. 

As bodybuilding fans know, the first callout at pre-judging is the most important, as you pretty much know the winner will come out of that group. At pre-judging Friday night, both Choopan and Curry were (not surprisingly) in the first callout. But they weren’t alone; four other elite-level bodybuilders made it into the coveted grouping as well. 

The first 2023 Mr. Olympia callout was:

  1. Andrew Jacked
  2. Samson Dauda 
  3. Derek Lunsford
  4. Brandon Curry 
  5. Hunter Labrada
  6. Hadi Choopan


The first 2023 Mr. Olympia callouts gets most of the attention, but the second callout at Friday night pre-judging featured some intriguing names and up-and-comers. Here are the five that got called out second:

  1. Tonio Burton 
  2. Charles Griffen 
  3. Regan Grimes
  4. Hassan Mostafa
  5. Michal Krizanek


Think of this as halftime, and the second half is coming up tonight starting at 7:00 pm Eastern at the Convention Center. Check in at muscleandfitness.com and on our social media channels to stay up to date on the Olympia competition. 

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