2023 Olympia Weekend Prejudging Report

The second half of the 2023 Olympia Weekend Prejudging is underway. Today featured three prejudging rounds and one complete contest in the World Fitness Expo in Orlando, FL. Bodybuilding superstars and fans flooded the seats ready to see the world’s best pose down. Here’s a quick look at the highlights.

Classic Physique Olympia

The two favorites in Classic Physique were four-time champion Chris Bumstead and 2023 Arnold Classic Physique winner Ramon Rocha Querioz. They were one-two in 2022, and sure enough, CBum and Ramon Dino were the final two in the 35-man lineup holding their own comparisons to conclude round one. They are your leaders heading into the Saturday night finals.

Men’s Physique Olympia

Even though Bumstead is a clear favorite in his division, there was no certainty in Men’s Physique. 2022 champion Erin Banks lost to Kyron Holden in the 2023 Legion Sports Fest Pro one month before the Olympia. Past champs Brandon Hendrickson and Jeremy Buendia were also charging for him.

The contender that no one saw coming was Ryan Terry, but he made his presence known in a hurry. He and Hendrickson were sent backstage early in the first callout because they were so far ahead of the pack. They were in the final callout, flanked by Banks and Emanuel Hunter. There is very likely a new champion to be crowned by the end of this contest.

Bikini Olympia

This year’s Bikini Olympia featured over 50 ladies, including four past champions. The last two, Maureen Blanquisco (2022) and Jennifer Dorie (2021) were the early favorites before prejudging began, and fans were standing behind the seated area in the World Fitness Expo to watch the show.

They were in the first and final callout, but three-time champion Ashley Kaltwasser is in the running as well. She is the only three-time winner in history, and now she has a solid chance to make it four Olympia wins and add her all-time high of 41 victories as well.

Wheelchair Olympia

The final contest was the Wheelchair Olympia, featuring five-time champ Harold Kelley. He would face several new and old challengers in Orlando in this single-round show, and for the first time in the show’s history, Bob Cicherillo did not announce his name as the champion.

Karol Milewski is the second Wheelchair Olympia winner in history, thanks to pulling off the biggest upset of the weekend. Kelley finished in second place.

Saturday Night Finals

The conclusion of Classic Physique, Men’s Physique, Bikini, and the 59th Mr. Olympia are set to take place in the Orange County Convention Center later today. If you want to watch world champions get crowned live, go to www.olympiaproductions.com to order the Olympia pay-per-view and join us from the comfort of home.

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