26 Best Shark Movies of All Time

Sure, summer’s great and all, but what about the sweltering heat, gnarly mosquito bites, and nasty sunburns? Let’s not forget: sharks. They’re everywhere. In the oceans, in lakes, and in our bathtubs. At least, that’s often the premise of a lot of camp, horror flicks these days. Summer is, of course, the season of the shark movie. There are classics, like

Jaws, which may have turned you off swimming forever, and recent successes like The Shallows, which convinced you sharks are vengeful, thinking creatures. And we can’t forget about the weird chaos that became the entire Sharknado franchise, either.

They’re not all great, we’ll admit, but that’s part of the fun. These films simply tap into a deep-seated fear in all of us: the fear of the unknown. When we’re floating out on the ocean, we’re entirely defenseless and without any sense of a threat until, well, it decides to make its presence known. And the best shark flicks, the ones that keep us up at night, are the ones that make you feel like a shark is looming in the distance, even when you’re nowhere near an ocean. That’s the magic of a really terrifying horror movie. Even when you’re perfectly safe, they still manage to make you feel less so.

In case your binge-watch well is running a little dry, here are 26 of the best shark movies you can to add to your list right now.

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