33 Best Romance Novels of All Time for Men

Be Not Afraid by Alyssa Cole is a moving historical romance that takes place during the American Revolution. It’s a fast read for two reasons: it’s beautifully written with heat-inducing chemistry between the two main characters, and it’s novella.

Cole’s story focuses on the two main love interests, Elijah and Kate. Elijah, a slave during the Revolutionary War, is offered his freedom in exchange for fighting for the Patriots. But when he meets Kate, a woman fighting for the British, he begins to question where his true loyalties lie. Meanwhile, the British Crown has made a promise of freedom for slaves who escape their Patriot masters and join the British side. Kate, like Elijah, is eager to leave behind the painful memories of America and take advantage of the Brit’s offering. Fate brings the two together and despite their undeniable attraction, their goals couldn’t be further apart.

When Elijah is captured by the British while helping Kate, they are thrown into close proximity and forced to choose between their hopes for the future and their hearts. Despite the horrors of Elijah’s life, he’s incredibly empathetic, whereas Kate’s experiences have led her to be sharper—their personalities make a perfect match and their attraction is absolutely palpable on page.

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