4 Unique Gym Equipment Pieces To Up Your Workout Game

R3Bar Alpha & Omega Pro

R3Bar Alpha & Omega Pro

Cost: $249.99

How The R3 Bar Came To Be

“I’m a coach whose goal is to develop durable, injury-resistant athletes who can enjoy a level of longevity in their ability to move and perform at their highest level,” says Tim Manson, inventor and owner of the R3 Bar.  Athletes cannot compete at a high level if they’re injured. The bigger, faster, stronger traditional approach is needed, but not to the detriment of healthy movement and longevity.

The R3Bar was invented inclusively for my clients and the health of my very aging yet extremely active body – which was experiencing 58 years of joint and connective tissue deterioration. Then my clients encouraged me to bring it to market, and the R3 Bar was born,” he adds.

How It Works

The R3 Bar is a bar that serves as an attachment point for looped resistance bands. The problem with looped bands is that they are challenging to hold, limiting the amount of exercise you can do. As great as it is, the barbell provides stress for your joints and locks them into a specific range of motion. The R3 Bar solves both issues using the bar, your feet, and bands.  You can strengthen your body from various angles without too much joint stress.

Benefits and Who Should Use It

If you’re an older lifter, an athlete looking to train around joint pain while improving performance, or a home exerciser looking for a space-saving tool for a great workout, the R3 fits the bill.

The R3BAR is designed to improve athletic performance, mobility, and movement. It requires the exerciser to stabilize under light, moderate, and heavy loads during simple and complex movement patterns in all planes of motion. This tool provides immediate feedback to the exerciser, improving their body awareness, posture, and movement quality.

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