5 Best TVs for Watching Sports 2023, Reviewed by Tech Experts

Panel Type

As shown above, there are several kinds of panel types that provide solid viewing experiences. The best panel type overall is OLED, but it’s important to remember what we said about the gloss effect the screen can produce. Other panel types of QLED and mini-LED will work well but also have their noted tradeoffs. If there’s a panel type you should avoid, stay away from LED; the brightness and color accuracy won’t be as accurate as the other panel types we’ve noted.

Screen Resolution

Screen resolution deals with the number of pixels in a display, which ultimately affects the picture’s sharpness. The best screen resolution you can get for watching sports is 4k, as broadcasts from major leagues are now showing 4k viewing. So by all means, go for the 4k screen resolution on your TV.

Picture Quality

Most of the time, a higher resolution means higher quality. For sports viewing, 4k is what you can cap out at for broadcasts so it’s ok to ignore anything higher. Other factors like shadows and color are taken into account for picture quality, which can lead back to the panel type you’re buying and the refresh rate.

Audio Quality

If you really want to create a good environment for watching sports, you will probably want to upgrade to a sound bar or speaker system. Alas, if you need to save up for a while or you just want to go TV only there are a few models you can choose that will provide quality audio. Just make sure to avoid the cheaper TV models on this list, as they are more likely to have lesser-quality audio.

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