8 Best Smart Water Bottles of 2023, Tested by Tech and Gear Experts

Most of us have long been in the habit of carrying around a water bottle throughout the day. But, today’s best water bottles have evolved way behind the old-school Nalgene bottles of a decade ago. Here’s a list of all the reasons you might want to work a new, high-tech smart water bottle into your daily routine:

You’ll drink more water

The most obvious reason to buy a smart water bottle is to help you drink more water and stay better hydrated throughout the day. Different models use different methods to help motivate you. The best smart water bottles have built-in batteries and use clever tech to remind you to drink more. “Reminder bottles,” for example, can glow or light up at regular intervals, while Bluetooth-connected bottles can even send push notifications to your smartphone.

You can keep tabs on your water intake

Some smart water bottles can also track your total water intake. Some do this automatically, while others may require you to manually turn a dial or engage with the bottle in some way to “mark” every time you finish a full bottle of water.

You can track your beverage’s temperature

If you’re fickle about the temperature of your drinking water—some will only drink it ice cold, while others prefer room temperature H20—a temperature-tracking bottle is the trick. These can let you know when it’s time to add more ice or, if you’re using your bottle for hot beverages, when it’s time for a reheating.

But, wait … there’s more!

Today’s best smart water bottles offer even more features. The most high-tech bottles (like those from Larq) feature integrated water purification technology so your water and your water bottle are always clean. Some include built-in Bluetooth speakers, so wherever your water goes, so does your music. Others have built-in power banks to help keep your smartphone and other small gadgets powered up on the go.

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