9 Best Acid Reflux Pillows of 2023, According to Experts

This one’s like the Jack of All Trades of wedge pillows, but we can’t call it a Master of None. Here’s why it makes a great addition to just about anyone’s snooze team.

First things first, the versatility of sizes is unmatched. The version linked here is the ‘extra-wide’ model, and has a generous 31 x 31 inch footprint and a whopping 12″ incline. If you’re a bigger dude or a restless sleeper who tends to play pillow gymnastics at night, this extra-wide detail is a major key. No more slipping and sliding of the wedge.

If those dimensions don’t sound ideal to you, stick around, because there are options galore. If the wide version isn’t your jam, there’s a standard 25-inch width with 12 inches or a lower 7.5-inch incline. There’s even an adjustable version that lets you swap from 9-inch to 12-inch elevations. But no matter the size, they all bring the same stylish game.

That removable jacquard pillow case isn’t just a looker—it’s tough enough to fight stains and stand up to machine washing, too.

A cushy 1.3-inch layer of memory foam tops things off—slightly —and feels like a marshmallow in all the right places. Underneath, high-density foam keeps things firm and supported through the core, meaning this pillow has the secret sauce to maintain its shape and comfort over time.

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