Amazon Has This Greenworks Leaf Blower For Its Lowest Price Ever

With this recent heat, it may feel like we’re still in the thick of summer. But fall is closer than you think. That means cooler temperatures, shorter daylight hours, and messy lawns full of dropping foliage. You can use an old-fashioned rake to remove leaves from your yard, sure. But a cordless leaf blower is faster and easier. And as luck would have it, Amazon is offering 48 percent off the Greenworks 48-Volt Cordless Leaf Blower, bringing the price under $100.

Greenworks 48-Volt Cordless Axial Leaf Blower

On Sale

48-Volt Cordless Axial Leaf Blower

Greenworks 48-Volt Cordless Axial Leaf Blower

Now 48% Off

While this model isn’t in our guide to the best cordless leaf blowers, its specs make it a decent alternative. It offers an air speed of 125 miles per hour and a rating of 515 cubic feet per minute. The more powerful airflow means you can clear a larger area in a shorter time, making you more efficient. The leaf blower also features a cruise control feature, which keeps the air flowing without you having to hold down the trigger.

The Cordless Leaf Blower comes with two 2.0-amp-hour batteries. (Nice: Each features an integrated USB-A port, allowing you to charge your phone or tablet in a pinch.) The batteries also work with over 125 Greenworks power tools, so you can run them with everything from the brand’s compatible drills to chainsaws. Additionally, you get a 24-volt, dual-port rapid charger for keeping the batteries topped off.


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Removing leaves from your property isn’t what we’d call fun, but a leaf blower can make the chore much less tedious. And electric models like this Greenworks are quiet, lightweight, and require little maintenance, making them well suited for keeping your yard clean when fall comes around.

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