Are Jackie and Josh Still Together?

ONE OF the most interesting parts of watching Love Is Blind is seeing who eventually pairs off in the pods and gets engaged. Sometimes you have couples that get together with little to no outside interference, like Tiffany and Brett, and sometimes you have love triangles, like the one between Chelsea, Kwame, and Micah.

In even rarer occasions, you’ll see the singles double back for someone they previously dumped in the pods, like Zach did with Bliss after breaking up with Irina. This twist seemed like the most drama we would get this season, but Jackelina (Jackie) and Marshall’s shocking breakup just might take the cake.

Jackie and Marshall connected in the pods, but when she told him that Josh had said if she got engaged to anyone else he would leave the show, Marshall was enraged and felt as if Josh was trying to coerce Jackie into choosing him. Jackie and Marshall eventually got engaged and left the pods together, and bar a few teary moments when Jackie felt overwhelmed with her family obligations back home, they seemed to be a good match.

Things came to a head as time went on, however, as it became clear that Jackie and Marshall had some serious issues. Jackie told Marshall she wanted him to be more aggressive, and Marshall said he viewed Jackie as a project. At Chelsea’s birthday party with the rest of the cast, the two didn’t show up together, and when Josh swooped in to talk to Jackie, she didn’t seem averse to his advances, and they later met up and even kissed at the end of their date.

Marshall was still ready to forgive and move forward, but after Jackie didn’t show up for her wedding dress appointment, it was clear that the two were done. The two had an intense conversation before breaking up, with Jackie angrily insisting on holding on to the ring. She also revealed that she had gone on a date with Josh, which hurt Marshall.

And while Jackie said she didn’t know what was going to happen next with Josh, fans want to know what’s going on with the two now.

Are Jackie and Josh from Love Is Blind still together?

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The last time we saw Josh, he was telling Jackie that he wanted them to try and be together. In Jackie’s last scene, Marshall had just moved out of their apartment, and while she seemed unsure about what was going to happen next, it did seem like she was open to moving forward with Josh.

It’s unclear if the show will continue to follow Jackie and Josh, but some eagle-eyed fans spotted the two at a baseball game, which has led most to believe that they’re actually dating.

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Fan response to the relationship has mostly been negative, with most feeling that Marshall was a lovely partner that didn’t deserve the abrupt and rather rude way the relationship ended. The weddings and reunion will surely shed some more light on what else is currently happening with Jackie and Josh, and we can’t wait to see what happens next.

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