Arnold Schwarzenegger and Ronnie Coleman Worked Out Together at Gold’s Gym

Before he was known around the globe as the Terminator, Arnold Schwarzenegger was a legend in the world of competitive bodybuilding, racking up a staggering seven wins at the internationally renowned Mr. Olympia competition. To this date, there are only two men who have ever managed to beat his record. One of those guys is Ronnie Coleman, who won the Mr. Olympia title for eight years running between 1998 and 2005, by which time Schwarzenegger had switched his focus from movies to politics.

While both Schwarzenegger and Coleman have long since retired from the pro bodybuilding game, they both stay in incredible shape at the ages of 76 and 59 respectively—and enjoy hitting the weights together. Because what better gym partner could you get than a fellow champion?

In a new video on Schwarzenegger’s YouTube channel capturing the pair’s recent workout at Gold’s Gym in Venice Beach, Coleman stated that he still works out six days a week, while Schwarzenegger says that he aims for seven days, knowing that realistically it’s going to be closer to five or six.

“You’ve got to do it all, in case out of nowhere someone says ‘you guys have to jump on the stage and pose,'” Schwarzenegger jokingly explains. “You’ve got to be ready. You never know.”

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As their workout continues, Coleman repeatedly insists on taking his sets to 15 reps compared to Schwarzenegger’s 12, provoking some faux consternation from the Austrian Oak.

“People are watching, and they say ‘why is Ronnie always doing three more reps than Schnitzel?” He complains. “Look at those reps. How can anyone keep up with that stuff? See, that’s the difference between the eight-time Mr. Olympia and the mere seven-time Mr. Olympia… You can see it right here, the way you pound out the reps and I’m struggling.”

Of course, pushing yourself to churn out some extra reps at the expense of good form or even safety is highly inadvisable. But for a pro like Coleman, it’s just one more chance to tease his good buddy.

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