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Bodybuilding has been a gateway to stardom for many celebrities. Long before Arnold Schwwarzenegger was the Terminator or Conan, he was Mr. Olympia. Lou Ferrigno evolved from a Mr. Universe to the Incredible Hulk. John Cena and Triple H had graced bodybuilding stages long before they dominated a WWE ring. These are only a few examples of celebrities that achieved celebrity success thanks to bodybuilding.

Every time you see an athlete walk across the Olympia stage, you’re literally seeing someone’s dreams coming true. Years of commitment, hours of work in the gym, and every tiny detail was covered by that person so they could be considered one of the best in the world. You will see hundreds of athletes and competitors reach a stage they previously dreamed of, but who says only their dreams can come true? Why can’t yours?

If those dreams include potential fame and maximum exposure, then you should make sure to stop by the 2023 Olympia World Fitness Expo, and specifically, Bailey’s Entertainment Model Search. Doug Bailey has been working in the entertainment business since 1989. He has been on both sides of the business as talent and agent for over 33 years, and he understands that bodybuilding can lead to stardom.

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Bailey’s Entertainment

“We have always been drawn to fitness as a lifestyle,” said Bailey. His agency has helped clients and models get booked with major brands such as Nike, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Nordic Track, and others. Some of his clients have also graced magazine covers and achieved sponsorships with popular supplement and clothing brands. He feels that bodybuilders and fitness athletes deserve to be showcased because of what they have already invested into themselves.

“I love working with bodybuilders and fitness models because I believe fitness athletes hold the secret key to success and greatness. Through hard work, discipline, and consistency they have transformed their bodies from normal to god-like.”

Bailey didn’t choose to join the Olympia World Fitness Expo by happenstance. He is friends with longtime bodybuilding promoter and Olympia Expo Director Tim Gardner. They met at a bodybuilding show, and Bailey offered him his card. Within two weeks, Bailey managed to help Gardner advance his career.

“Two weeks later, I got him work at Disney. A week after that, I got him work on a cruise campaign.”

The two men maintained a connection over the decades since. So, when Gardner reached out to Bailey about being a part of the Olympia Weekend, it was an opportunity he was glad to receive.

“He knew I was honest, and there have been so many people come through the Olympia,” said Bailey. “So, we kicked around ideas and ended up on doing this search.”

Aside from the friendship with Gardner, Bailey has seen many people transform their bodies for a variety of reasons, and he sees those physiques as works of art that should be celebrated. He’s well aware that the Olympia draws fans and athletes from different sports and all parts of the world. Being at the 2023 Olympia World Fitness Expo on Nov. 3-4 is as much an opportunity for him and his company as it is the people that he hopes to see at his booth.

“I’ve been a part of a lot of big events, but nothing compares to the Olympia,” Bailey shared. “It’s really exciting to me, and I’m very happy to be in Orlando. This is going to be a great opportunity for everyone involved.”

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