Barry Keoghan and Jacob Elordi Look Jacked in Workout Photos

When it comes to achieving your fitness goals, there are so many benefits to having a gym partner who will both encourage you and hold you accountable. When you’re a movie star on the rise getting ripped for your next role, the stakes are even higher, and the need for a training buddy even more urgent.

So it’s probably for the best that fresh off his BAFTA-winning, Oscar-nominated performance in The Banshees of Inisherin, which drew global attention, Barry Keoghan is working out with a friend as he prepares to physically transform his body for his upcoming role in Ridley Scott’s long-awaited sequel to Gladiator.

The Irish actor just posted a couple of shirtless photos to his Instagram story, showing off his muscular physique during a recent training session with fitness coach Kirk Myers at his Dogpound gym, where he was accompanied by Jacob Elordi, who looked like he was hitting arms if those jacked biceps were anything to go by.

While Keoghan is deep in prep for Gladiator 2, in which he will appear opposite Denzel Washington and Paul Mescal, Elordi is getting ready to once again play the handsome, popular, borderline-sociopathic football star Nate in HBO’s harrowing high school drama Euphoria.

Somewhat predictably, the online thirst in response to the photos was immediate and intense—although Elordi admits to having struggled with the attention that came with baring his shredded abs in Euphoria and The Kissing Booth, not to mention his Calvin Klein underwear campaign.

“I was super young and got thrown into a world where everyone wanted to talk about my body… it really fucking bothered me,” he told Men’s Health in 2020. “I don’t identify with that whatsoever. I was trying to prove myself and be known as an actor. It was so much working out and I hated every second of it.”

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