Chad Michael Murray Looks Shredded in Shirtless Instagram Video

Chad Michael Murray is looking even fitter in his early forties than he was during his peak heartthrob years. The actor, who rose to fame playing Lucas Scott in the teen drama One Tree Hill, just shared a glimpse of his lean, defined physique in a shirtless video over on his wife Sarah Roemer’s Instagram page.

In the short clip, Murray stands between a pair of sliding doors and slowly draws them closed while mouthing “I love you” to Roemer, who is capturing him—along with his sculpted chest and shredded six-pack abs—on video.

Murray has previously shared the occasional social media thirst trap from his regular workouts, and he has alluded to how he carves that impressive physique using an intense mix of muscle-building weights and fat-burning cardio, describing himself as “more of an old-school, Rocky Balboa, ropes and chains kind of guy” during his gym sessions.

Of course, you don’t get a six-pack like that unless your nutrition is on point too, and Murray is pretty strict in that area as well. In 2020, he told GQ that he keeps his diet incredibly consistent, and that he has eaten the same protein—tuna—every single day for 15 years. “I’m not a foodie, so that helps,” he said. “I eat out of necessity, not out of desire… I eat pretty clean the entire day. I’m very rule-based on these things and I’m really stubborn about it.”

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