Chris Hemsworth Shows Off Skills in Shirtless Boxing Workout

After over a decade playing the ripped god of thunder in the MCU, Chris Hemsworth recently made the decision to take some time away from acting to spend more time with his family. But that doesn’t mean he isn’t staying in action-ready shape.

While the Australian actor is not quite the super-swole larger-than-life hero he was in Thor: Love and Thunder—the project for which he put on the most muscle of his career—he is still rocking a jacked physique and living his best, most active life. He frequently shares insights from his diet and fitness regiment to social media, from jet-lag-beating workouts to his favorite protein shake recipes.

Hemsworth just spent his 40th birthday catching waves with his brother Liam before celebrating the milestone with his wife, Elsa Pataky, and their children. And in a new Instagram post, Hemsworth showed how he bounced back from the weekend, “sweating off the birthday cake” in an intense boxing workout.

In the video, Hemsworth throws himself into some pad work with Spanish kickboxer (and MMA coach to Georges St-Pierre) Jorge Blanco, throwing punches with impressive accuracy, speed and power. And as the Instagram caption alludes, sparring in the heat of Byron Bay means working up quite a sweat: Hemsworth shed his shirt and took the training session outdoors, and you can see his lats and biceps getting a real hammering in the exhausting routine.

Hemsworth has honed his boxing skills over many years, but he didn’t learn for a film role: the sport-loving actor has actually been doing it since his teens, although he declined to compete in matches. “He didn’t want to ruin that pretty face,” his friend and trainer Luke Zocchi explained in 2022. “I used to say, ‘do you want to do a few rounds in the ring?’ and he was like ‘No way! I’m going to Hollywood, I can’t get punched in the face!'”

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