Chris Hemsworth’s Massive Bulge Steals Focus During Workout Video

Chris Hemsworth has been taking some time away from his career after a busy couple of years filming the most recent Thor and Extraction movies, not to mention his Limitless docu-series, during which he made the decision to prioritize his health and his family. As a part of this shift, he has also been posting a lot less frequently to social media.

But the Australian actor has just made something of a comeback to the platform, sharing his first thirsty workout post in several months—and it’s quite something to behold.

“Good little session,” he wrote in the caption of the Reel, which sees him performing Bosu ball squats, pushups, pullups and boxing drills. “Finishing it strong with some core.”

Now you might not think this particularly noteworthy: after all, as the founder of the Centr health and fitness app, Hemsworth used to share workouts all the time on Instagram.

But many people viewing the video, particularly the last core exercise, were distracted by the contents of Hemsworth’s workout shorts, under which it was pretty evident—from the hammer of the gods that kept swinging and bulging against the material—that he was going commando. In fact, the bulge was so large that many fans were left with the question: Is that Mjölnir in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?

No, really, the level of thirst in the comments under the photo is of a magnitude that is near-unprecedented even among Hemsworth’s most devoted fans: “So they let you keep the hammer?” “Watched it multiple times… that last exercise I swear I could see Thor’s hammer, lucky wife.” “I know that all the girls come for the last exercise.” “That um… um last exercise… respetfully DAYUM.” “It makes my ovaries tingle!” “I’m staring, disrespectfully.” “Girls and gays rejoice at this.” “We see where you keep the hammer…” “He knows what he’s doing and I’m here for it.”

Welcome back to the internet, Chris.

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