Cristiano Ronaldo Shows His Sculpted Quads in Training Session

Cristiano Ronaldo is looking fitter than ever in new photos taken during practice drills for the 2023 season—his first with the Saudi Arabian team Al-Nassr FC.

The 38-year-old soccer star is showing no sign of slowing down, having just signed a two-and-a-half-year contract with Al-Nassr (a move which is thought to have made him the highest-paid soccer player in the world, earning €200 million per year) and continuing to treat his body like nothing short of a finely-tuned machine.

In fact, Ronaldo’s training routine is so intense that it has become something of a viral challenge, with fitness influencers and bodybuilders alike trying it out for themselves—and getting crushed by the constant sheer physical exertion required to shred those abs and build League-leading legs.

“He’s not one of those players you see who goes out late at night, having dinner and drinks… He’s always training, with the team or at home,” wrote Spanish soccer reporter Santiago Segurola. “He’s obsessive about taking care of his body… He takes care of his body as if it were a Ferrari.”

Just take a look at those quads.

He captioned the photo “Yesterday’s rainy training session!” with some commenters making jibes at the “imported rain” due to the fact that Ronaldo is likely training in Riyadh, while others flooded his mentions imploring him to break his contract with Al-Nassr and come back to Manchester United.

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