Does The Equalizer 3 Have a Post-Credits? End Credits Explained

There are some things which you can always count on, and Denzel Washington being awesome in an action thriller is one of them. The actor reprises the role of Robert McCall in the third and final chapter of the Equalizer movie trilogy, loosely based on the ’80s TV show, about a former U.S. Marine who uses his specialist skills to enact his own brand of justice.

In The Equalizer 3, McCall is injured during a brutal showdown with a crime boss, and recuperates in an idyllic coastal Italian village, where he begins to imagine a new kind of life for himself—before the mob catch up with him.

The Equalizer also stars Dakota Fanning as CIA agent Emma Collins, Eugenio Mastrandrea as Italian police officer Gio Bonucci, and Gaia Scodellaro as McCall’s love interest Aminah.

Does The Equalizer 3 have a post-credits scene?

No, unlike pretty much every other action sequel out there, The Equalizer 3 does not pause the credits to offer up a funny stinger or tease future installments in the franchise. However, that is not to say this is the last we’ll see of Robert McCall.

Director Antoine Fuqua revealed in a recent interview with NME that he and screenwriter Richard Wenk have been ruminating on the possibility of a prequel to The Equalizer which would explore McCall’s backstory, and potentially star a digitally de-aged Denzel.

“I definitely think about it a lot,” he said. “Especially now with the new technology and AI and all that kind of stuff… Is there a story to be told about how [McCall] became this person—the younger version? I’ve had that conversation with Richard Wenk quite a bit.”

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“I haven’t talked to Denzel about that yet,” he added. “It’s all so fresh and new. I’m still watching [the technology]. I’ve watched Harrison Ford’s film and I know there’s other movies coming out… And I’m hearing the technology is getting better and better and better. So I’m kind of watching it to see where it goes.”

In the meantime, this does seem to be the final chapter in the current Equalizer movie franchise. But if you’re still hankering for more special agent-turned-guardian angel action, then you’re in luck: there are multiple seasons of the on-going TV adaptation of The Equalizer, which stars Queen Latifah as an alternative version of the character named Robyn McCall.

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