Drake Posted a Cringe Photo With His Collection of Fans’ Bras

There was a curious trend that swept through a lot of live concerts this summer, where spectators felt compelled to throw all kinds of items at the performer. Pink has been presented with both a wheel of cheese and a fans’ parent’s ashes. Lil Nas X dodged a projectile sex toy. After having a cup of liquid lobbed at her during a song, rapper Cardi B even retaliated by throwing her microphone at the offending individual.

It’s hard to say where this urge to propel objects onto the stage comes from. Maybe fans just want to feel connected to their favorite musicians, and to have the star on-stage acknowledge their existence just for a moment. The phenomenon is nothing new, of course: it’s a well-worn cliché that female fans of rock stars will bombard the stage with thrown bras and underwear as symbols of their fervent affection.

And it turns out, at least one performer keeps every brassiere that lands before him.

In a new Instagram post, rapper Drake shared a look at every single bra that made it from the audience to the stage during his on-going It’s All a Blur tour, all lined up in neat rows. Because that’s a totally normal thing to do, right?

A visual estimate puts the number of bras (14 rows, all of which approximately 27 deep) at a minimum of 378. Three hundred and seventy eight.

Drake captioned the photo with unreleased bars from his upcoming album For All the Dogs: “Remember when we both forgot who the fuck I was in unison…that wavelength was def a foolish one.”

All completely fine. Nothing to see here.

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