Hanes Short Sleeve Beefy T-Shirt Review 2023

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Alright, alright, alright, let’s just pump the brakes. ‘Cause if I see one more direct-to-consumer brand “revolutionize” the T-shirt, or another one of those “stealth wealth” lists mention a $200+ tee from another “quiet luxury” brand, I might do something drastic. Don’t try to sell me a white tee that costs more than $10. Don’t tell me I have to hand wash it or hang dry it. And absolutely don’t tell me I can’t bleach it.

Honestly, if it were up to me, new interpretations of the T-shirt would be banned. No one, here or abroad, is gonna come up with anything better than the Hanes Beefy-T. Sorry everyone! Find something else to do. The Beefy-T has an impeccable fit and the price is unbeatable. This is my only blank tee, and it should be yours too.


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Shop $10, amazon.com

hanes beefy t endorsement

Philip Friedman

The fit is perfect.

Okay, to start the rundown of why the Beefy-T that makes every other T-shirt obsolete, I’ll start by breaking down the fit. It’s exactly what I want, but even in a way that’s somehow versatile.

After buying the true-to-size Beefy-T, I instantly wash and dry it. The resulting fit is perfect. It’s sung on the shoulders, chest, and arms, loose through the body. And it never loses that perfect shape because it just tightens back up with every wash and dry.

And look, it does have a boxier—dare I say beefier—fit, but I don’t always want a T-shirt that’s too tight. I’m sure y’all don’t either. For me, on especially hot days or when I’m working out, I don’t want all that cotton snug against my skin. After buying my size and washing it, it’s perfect. If you want an even baggier fit, size up. It all results in the perfect tee: a boxy, loose-fitting T-shirt that allows movement and without looking as cheap as it really is.

Shop $10, amazon.com

hanes beefy t

Philip Friedman

The weight is perfect.

The second core trait of the Beefy-T, is the weight, and the pure beefiness of its texture. The six-ounce cotton isn’t offensively heavy and not the type of shirt you have to break in. After one wash, it feels like you’ve owned it forever. It’s also not too light either. This is important because when I’m out in the world wearing a white tee, I don’t want it to feel like I’m wearing an undershirt. If it’s threadbare after a few years of wear, yeah fine. I don’t need any help getting there.

The quality stacks up in the weight too, because you can throw it in the wash a million times without seeing a drastic change in thickness. You can beat it up, and it’ll just keep looking good. It’s made to withstand all types of wear and tear, and that’s what good quality clothing should do.

Shop $10, amazon.com

hanes beefy t review

Philip Friedman

The price is perfect.

The most important detail of all is the price tag. Why would I ever spend more than $10 on a T-shirt when this one does the job? Thirty bucks on a white T-shirt? Insanity. It’s going to get ruined no matter what you do. Why act like you’ve got the money to replace $50 white tees when you don’t? But pound-for-pound, dollar-for-dollar, a Beefy-T is as good of a value proposition as it gets. I’ve tried competitors like Carhartt (a little pricier) and Gildan heavyweights (a little cheaper). Neither did it for me. Nothing compares to my Beefy-T. On fit, on weight, on price, it’s perfect. Do not ask me to care about any other T-shirts.

Shop $10, amazon.com

Photography by Philip Friedman. Prop styling by John Olson for Halley Resources.

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