How NFL Offensive Tackle Dawand Jones Eats to Stay Huge, Healthy

As an offensive tackle for the Cleveland Browns, Dawand Jones has to eat right to be at his best for game days. Each day, Jones has to eat around 2,500 to 3,000. The athlete says his eating philosophy focuses on lots of vegetables and lean protein.

For breakfast, he usually eats two to three eggs, turkey bacon, and wheat toast. That’s especially important for training days. “During football season, we’re doing hard training in the morning,” he says.

In the afternoon, Jones says players are usually “starving” after practice and use lunch as a time to fill up. He often has a caesar salad with ranch and a bison burger. Then towards the end of the day, dinner consists of grilled chicken, mashed potatoes, and broccoli.

Outside of his three square meals, Jones also has pre and post workout foods. Before a workout, he likes to eat pretzels as a way to get carbs in and “get his body started.” His favorite carb is actually French fries, but Jones knows eating them often would put a “hurt” on his diet. After a workout, he keeps things simple with a shake. It’s another way to get in protein, and it’s light enough he doesn’t get too full before lunch.

For more about Dawand Jones’ dream taco, his favorite things to dip pizza in, and whether or not he eats in bed, check out our Men’s Health “Eat Like” video with the NFL player.

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