How the Live-Action Show Differs from the Anime and Manga

The live-action version of the fan favorite manga and anime One Piece was much awaited by fans, and its recent release on Netflix has led to many memes, discussions, and even talk about the next season. But of course, whenever a TV show or movie comes with its own base material, there are always fears that plotlines may be lost or key characters could be changed. Luckily, fans have been praising Netflix for sticking pretty closely to the original story, including the fight scenes and clever foreshadowing.

But since One Piece is spread over 100 volumes that contain over 1000 chapters, there were some changes that had to be made, and while some were apparent, others were quite subtle. Here, what you need to know about the difference between the live-action version of One Piece as compared to the manga and anime series.

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1. A surprise addition to Gold Roger’s execution

The first episode of the live-action, Romance Dawn, sets the scene for the pirates’ search for Gold Roger’s “One Piece” hidden treasure. In the anime and manga, Vice Admiral Garp isn’t present for Gold Roger’s execution, but in Netflix’s version, he is.

2. Nami’s backstory is changed

The manga and anime lay out that Nami’s village knew she was collecting their ransom money and pretended to dislike her so she would stop attempting to save them, but in the live-action, the villagers believe that she’s acting selfishly and not in their best interest.

3. Buggy the Clown is more present in the live-action

Much to viewers’ fear (or delight), the captain of the Buggy Pirates has a much larger role in the Netflix series, and he’s much scarier. In the manga and anime, Buggy is portrayed with a humorous slant, but in the live-action, he’s all scares.

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4. Garp has an earlier introduction

Garp is Vice-Admiral of the Marines, Luffy’s grandfather, and Koby’s mentor. In the manga and anime, viewers and readers didn’t get this information until much later, but the live-action offers this pretty early on.

5. The removal of The Usopp Pirates

In the manga and anime, Usopp was captain of the Usopp Pirates, which was made up of three young boys named Tamanegi, Ninjin, and Piimä. So far, they haven’t been seen in the live-action.

6. The overall vibe of the show is a bit darker

The manga and anime version of One Piece is a bit lighter and funnier than the live-action, so you can expect darker and more serious themes.

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