Hugh Jackman’s Bizarre Cheat Day Breakfast Has Fans Losing It On Instagram

Hugh Jackman might need to take a page or two from The Rock because a cheat meal he shared recently on Instagram has left fans seriously stressed. After his visit to The Waffle House in Norwich, United Kingdom (not to be confused with Waffle House), the Golden Globe winner uploaded images of three dishes he indulged in.

He wrote the caption: “Happy cheat meal to me! Nooo! I did not share. And I’m not sorry.” We certainly don’t think he has to worry about that sharing part.

Things quickly went from cheat meal to defeat meal with the first image, which featured a waffle topped with mushrooms in a cheese sauce and beef ragu. Although savory waffles aren’t uncommon, Jackman’s fans had a hard time wrapping their heads around the idea of mushrooms on a waffle.


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“Why the fuck would you put MUSHROOMS ON WAFFLES WTF IS THE WORLD COMING TON,” one commenter declared.

“A cheat meal NEVER includes mushrooms,” another follower pointed out.

One person applauded Jackman’s cheat meal overall, but had no kind words for the mushrooms, writing, “Everything yummy..but..the mushrooms. Gross.”

“IS THIS THE WOLVERINE DIET?” another asked.

And then there were the occasional few who were inspired by Jackman’s bizarre cheat meal.

“Damn, I should of made that tonight, I have a waffle maker, tin of mushies n some beef mince and smoke paprika, tomorrow night for sure,” they wrote.

Thankfully, the actor’s waffle mushroom-smothered waffle wasn’t the only dish he enjoyed at The Waffle House. There was also a berry milkshake topped with tons of whipped cream, and waffles with sliced bananas, chocolate shavings, and toffee sauce.

That’s definitely more our speed.


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