Jared Leto Shows Off His Shredded Six-Pack at 51 Years Old

While he has an impressive resume as an actor and rock star under his belt, Jared Leto is arguably best known for two things these days: acting kind of weird a lot of the time, and looking practically the same as he did when he first started breaking hearts as Jordan Catalano on My So-Called Life.

Now 51 years old, Leto frequently flaunts his lean, ripped physique—which he credits to a 20-year vegan diet—on social media. And this week is no exception. In his latest post, Leto once again strips to the waist, using the tacit thirst in the images to remind his fans that it’s just 17 days until the release of It’s the End of the World But It’s a Beautiful Day, the sixth album from his band Thirty Seconds to Mars.

The other images in the carousel show Leto on a climbing excursion in the mountains—something which he has frequently referred to as one of his great passions after music and acting. He made a five-part documentary on the subject in 2016 called Great Wide Open, and learned a lot about the discipline required of pro climbers like Alex Honnold and Tommy Caldwell during that experience.

He is now a serious multi-pitch climber in his own right, even if he sometimes shows off his skills in inappropriate arenas, like that time he scaled the outside of a hotel in Berlin, baffling onlookers.

Now though, with a new album about to drop, it seems likely Leto will be turning that athletic physique to performing live—which he says is a lot more physically strenuous than you might first think.

“It’s hard to explain because you’re up there having a good time, but it’s full on for a couple of hours,” he told Men’s Health. “You’re singing and running around, you have so much adrenaline, and you’re performing at your limit. Your heart is pounding outta your chest, you’re dripping sweat, and you’re exhilarated, but you’re working your body in a really intense way.”

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