Julian Edelman Has His Gear Bag Packed for the Broadcast Booth

Retirement from professional sports used to mean lots of golfing, enjoying all of the favorite foods that were avoided during a career, and taking it easy. That hasn’t been the case for Julian Edelman. Since hanging up his cleats before the 2021 season, the Patriots great and three-time Super Bowl champ operates one of the largest direct-to-consumer athlete brands amongst current athletes and is a favorite follow for millions on both Facebook and Instagram for his creative content. If that wasn’t enough to keep him occupied, the three-time Super Bowl champ recently joined Fox NFL Kickoff as an analyst last month, joining longtime New England teammate Rob Gronkowski and soon to be reunited with Tom Brady next year.

While taking a break in between those endeavors, Edelman unpacked his Alo bag for M&F to run through some of his daily workout necessities, which include Perfect Hydration water to get through his workouts, his favorite Boston Celtics hat, and an extra pair of socks when his boxing workouts run long.

Julian Edelman Gear Bag equipment
Julian Edelman

Celtics hat

I’ve been a big Celtics fan since I was drafted in New England over 10 years ago. I wear a lot of hats but this is one of my favorites. Something about that black and white color scheme.

Car keys

I like to drive. Always have. Growing up my father owned an auto-body shop so I’ve always loved cars. I enjoy getting out of the house to get my workout in.

Perfect Hydration Alkaline Water

There’s simply no better tasting water out there and at 9.5 PH, Perfect Hydration is the best water before, during and in recovery from any workout.

Buy Perfect Hydration (12-pack): $28.65 at Perfect Hydration


Fight 2 Finish wraps

Since retirement, I’ve gotten into boxing. It’s a great workout and a new way to stay in shape. The workouts are pretty intense.

Buy Fight 2 Finish Hand Wraps: $12.99 at Fight 2 Finish


AirPods Pro

No explanation us needed here. You Have to DJ your workout.

Buy AirPods: $249 at Apple


Alo Socks

Taking care of your feet is huge. The right pair of socks is crucial.

Buy Alo Unisex Throwback Socks: $24 at Alo



I switch up sunglasses every day but I also keep a pair on hand wherever I go.


Gym shorts

My closet is about 40% workout clothes so these will rotate in and out daily.


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