Katharine McPhee Leaves Tour Early to Deal With “Horrible Tragedy Our Family”

David Foster and Katharine McPhee are dealing with an unexpected family tragedy, and McPhee announced that she’ll be traveling home and missing their final two shows in Jakarta.

McPhee announced the news on Instagram, writing in a message “Dearest Jakarta fans, it’s with heavy heart I announce I have to miss our final two shows of our Asia run. David and I have had a horrible tragedy in our family and at least one of us needs to get back home to our family. Please know how sorry I am and how much I wish to return one day and perform for you all. Love Katharine.”

She didn’t elaborate as to what’s going on at home, but has been flooded with messages of support from fans and fellow celebrities, including Nicole Scherzinger who wrote “sending my love and prayers for your family,” and Amanda Kloots, who added “Sending you loads of love. I’m thinking of you guys.”

David Foster’s ex-wife Linda Thompson also wrote a message saying “Sending you and David love, & hoping that everything is OK.”

Foster and McPhee have been dating since 2017 and got married in 2019. They share a two-year-old son, and Foster also has five daughters from previous relationships. Wishing everyone in their family the best as they navigate this difficult moment.

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