Kevin Hart Shares Instagram Video in Wheelchair to Reveal Injury

KEVIN HART IS 44, and he’s “sitting [his] ass down”, he told his Instagram followers. The actor and comedian posted a video detailing an unfortunate accident that led him to being confined to a wheelchair for the time being.

He warned his fans that “the age 40 is real.” “It’s not a game, respect that age,” he said. Hart then flashed the camera behind him to reveal that he was seated in a wheelchair. He noted that he wanted to get the news out about this recent injury to ensure that his fans are not alarmed if he is seen in public with his rehab gear.

He goes on to explain that he “busted” himself up after a race, which we can only assume Hart did not win. The Jumanji star shared that he and a friend got into a tiff about who could run faster, since as Hart noted, “those who know me know I’m pretty fast”. One problem: His buddy was Stevan Ridley, a retired NFL running back who won a Super Bowl with the New England Patriots. The pair lined up for a 40-yard dash—but it sounds like Hart didn’t make it to the finish line.

Hart shared that he tore his lower abdomen and abductors—”I don’t even know what that is,” he said. Just for some context: Muscles in and around your hip are responsible for adduction and abduction, or moving the legs toward and away from the center of the body, respectively.

Hart did not share anything about his recovery process in the video, so it’s unclear how long he will be in the wheelchair for beyond “about six to eight.”

Some fellow celebs took to the post’s comments to provide the actor with some reassurance. Hart’s famous friend and costar Dwayne Johnson shared that he’s also experienced a similar injury. “I tore my adductor off my pelvis during a wrestling match,” The Rock commented. “You’ll be fine. You’ll grow a 3rd ball but you’ll be fine.”

Will Smith sounded off in agreement: “Getting older is REAL!!”

After Hart mentioned he wanted to tell the story before Ridley, the former footballer responded with his own Instagram post. Ridley reposted Hart’s video to his Story, writing “I saw @tombrady do it at your age so figured you had the juice too big bro!”



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