Lincoln Lawyer Season 2 Ending Explained: Did Lisa Kill Mitchell?

Lincoln Lawyer Season 2 is centered on a major mystery. It’s a test of Mickey’s faith in his clients as he decides to take on the case of a chef who has been accused of murdering a real estate developer. Based on the fourth book, The Fifth Witness, in Michael Connelly’s series about a criminal attorney known for working on cases out of a chauffeur-driven Lincoln Navigator, the television series introduces Lisa Trammell, a chef, in part one of Season 2. She and Mickey have a one night stand, then she later asks for his help in protesting her innocence when she’s accused of murder. However, it’s a difficult case for Mickey, as Lisa has a potential motive and opportunity to have killed her supposed victim.

But throughout the season, we don’t get a clear picture of if Lisa really is innocent. Still, Mickey has to defend her as her lawyer, and it doesn’t appear too difficult for him as he’s previously been romantically involved with her (and says they should be professional… until after the case). Lisa is dodgy when Mickey asks where the potential murder weapon could be, and keeps information from him as the case continues to unravel.

The season finale should have wrapped up any remaining answers viewers may have had about the case and whether or not Lisa is innocent. Plus, the show may have even teased a new case for Season 3, which unfortunately has yet to be officially greenlit. Here’s a recap for anyone who missed it.

Did Lisa Kill Mitchell in Lincoln Lawyer Season 2?

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Lana Parilla as Lisa Trammell in Lincoln Lawyer.


Mickey gives a convincing argument to the jury, who finds Lisa not guilty. However, after the trial, Mickey discovers Lisa lied about her ex-husband, and killed the real man named Jeff and buried him in her backyard.

As for Mitchell, while Lisa was found not guilty and Mickey managed to pin the crime on Alex, the son of the head of an Armenian crime family. The evidence is more circumstantial with Alex, however, and Prosecutor Andy made a compelling argument that Lisa did the crime. While we don’t get a full confession from Lisa, it’s clear the show wants us to think she’s guilty of something, even if it’s not the real estate developer’s murder. Murdering Jeff makes it even more likely she’d be willing to kill the real estate developer, but we’ll never know for sure. While Mickey still believes her innocence in regards to the case, there’s no clear consensus on the truth of the matter.

After ending things with Lisa due to the shocking Jeff realization, Mickey gets a call about a potential new case. A new client named Julian La Cosse is being accused of murder and wants Mickey’s help. La Cosse says he was recommended by Mickey’s old friend Gisele Dallinger. While he doesn’t remember her at first (due to a fake name), Mickey goes to a coroner’s office and sees his friend’s dead body, then discovers it’s none other than Gloria Dayton, a sex worker who helped Mickey in his previous cases.

We’ll have to see if Netflix decides to give us more Lincoln Lawyer.

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