‘Live’ Fans Have Questions Over Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos’ New Instagram Photo in Bed

Kelly Ripa just welcomed husband Mark Consuelos to daytime television, but people aren’t necessarily talking about their new co-hosting stint. Rather, the two sparked a lot of chatter thanks to a offscreen moment shared on social media.

Ahead of Mark’s debut on Live With Kelly and Mark, his wife of 26 years posted to Instagram a quick look at their nighttime routine. The candid photo showed the couple fast asleep, with two TV remotes laying casually in between them. They also had animal guests join in on their rest time, as their two dogs Chewie and Lena snoozed alongside their human parents by the foot of the bed.

“Severe prep work in progress,” the All My Children alum jokingly captioned the unexpected picture on April 16.

When Live fans saw that Kelly gave a surprise glimpse at her life with Mark, they immediately had thoughts about it. But in between all the jesting comments, one question was peppered throughout.

‘Live With Kelly and Mark’

'Live With Kelly and Mark'

‘Live With Kelly and Mark’

“Not a worry in the world. Excited for you two. Curious minds want to know who took the photo?” one person wrote in the Instagram comments section. “I need to know who took this picture? Or did you set the camera up on the dresser and then pose like you’re sleeping? 😂,” a different follower inquired. “Who took the pic?????? 🤔,” another added.

Given how the married duo appeared unaware that someone was taking the snap, some folks guessed their daughter Lola snuck into their bedroom and photographed them. This theory would check out, as Kelly and Mark revealed on January 30 that the 21-year-old college student moved back in with them during her last few weeks at NYU.

“Lola Consuelos, our daughter, came home—what was it last week? A week and a half ago? From London, and she’s so excited to be living with us again because it’s her last semester in college,” the Riverdale actor (who appeared as a guest co-host) said at the time.

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Kelly Recorded Mark’s Snoring

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But that’s not all Kelly and Mark had to say about life at home these days. The Live Wire author called out her husband during a recent Live taping on the fact that she couldn’t sleep due to his loud snoring.

“Most nights, that’s how I wake up,” she said. “That’s my mid-evening alarm.”

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