Maluma Shows Off His Lean Physique in Underwear Thirst Trap

Maluma is in his underwear again.

The Colombian singer and rapper, known for posting shirtless photos to Instagram, just got even thirstier on main, sharing a picture of himself in his underwear with the caption “hola y chao” (“hi and bye.”)

The comments on Instagram are about as thirsty as you might expect, but the response over on Twitter from people sharing the image is even more unhinged.

And I quote:

“Not to be vulgar, but he could hit it until his babies are seeping out my ears.”

“I have this bookmarked for educational purposes.”

“Perhaps I could help him in a room in which there are no others.”

“He could get me to wear a collar.”

“None of the words I’m about to say are holy.”

Other comments hinted that Maluma’s thirst content is actually superior to his musical output of late, and he should pivot to OnlyFans. Bonk, bonk, horny jail for everyone.

It’s certainly true that he’s gifted in this department, and almost as accomplished in the art of the thirst trap as he is in writing and recording hits—he regularly enjoys showing off his lean, muscular, tattoo-covered physique on social media.

As for how he builds that thirst trap-ready body, Maluma opened up about his diet and exercise routine in a 2020 interview with Men’s Health, explaining how his ultimate fitness goal is simply to “be happy” and continue to cultivate the right headspace.

“If you have a right mentality and a right way of thinking, everything is gonna go right,” he said. “I love meditating. I think that’s a big part of my career. Just being focussed and concentrated. And being grateful. For me, that’s the most important thing ever.”

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